Does your message reach everyone?

Many Internet sites are currently inaccessible to visually impaired and blind users. To fill out a form is usually impossible for a visually impaired person.

Deaf users often fint it hard to read the large and complex body of text that is available on the Web, because sign language is the first language of the deaf.

What do companies do about it?

A majority of websites for major companies and organisations worldwide, don't even meet the most basic requirements to be able to customize text and graphics for the disabled. With 600 million disabled people in the world, it means that 10% of the world's population is excluded from the web.

It is discriminatory that people with disabilities can not take advantage of community information.

Can you really reach everyone?

Of course not, but you can as a company always strive to reach out to larger and larger groups of people. As the technology is progressing, we are equipped with better technical solutions to reach out to more people. Neducation have as core value to drive that development forward.

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