Porfolio: Teckenspråkcentrum

The company is a cooperative and are located in Stockholm and Sundsvall. They offer services mainly for the disabled.

Most people who work at the company is hearing impaired or deaf and uses sign language or mainly the Internet to communicate.

They previously had a site.

Thoughts behind the site and techniques used

The site got a new markup languages: XHTML 1.1 and CSS. This means that the site looks and behaves the same in different browsers desktop and mobile devices.

The pages are faster to load, which is of great importance when the user has a handheld computer. It's easy to make changes or additions without changing the layout.

Photos and layout improved.

All files that make up the site was structured to simplify maintenance.

Before reconstruction:

Teckenspråkcentrums sajt innan rekonstruktion

After reconstruction:

Teckenspråkcentrums sajt efter rekonstruktion Teckenspråkcentrums sajt efter rekonstruktion visad i en PDA

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