People with disabilities can now almost do anything, there is no obstacle to sit in a wheelchair and be a pilot! The Internet has opened many opportunities for the blind, but still the majority of sites are inaccessible because they are wronly built. It is obvious that a visually impaired should have the opportunity to buy nice clothes or a cool stereo in an e-store. How do you build an e-commerce site for a user who doesn't use a screen?

For a company it implies enormous goodwill to be accessible for everyone. At the same time the company recieves a new affluent clientele which represents several million people with access to the Internet worldwide.

It is not just about technology

to be accessible. It also requires an understanding of how these users are using the Internet; both desktops and portable devices such as a PDA. Therefore, it is not enough to improve the technology to make it accesible. The site can still remain very difficult or even impossible to use for a visually impaired or deaf person.

Our team has access to experienced and savvy Internet users with various disabilities who are testing sites, both before and after reconstruction.

We are professional consultants with many years of experience in accessibility. Our team gives lectures and courses at different colleges and also at companies.

It's just a matter of time before more and more people are discovering the enormous potential of all these customers.

Contact us for suggestions as to how we can help you make your website accessible to all users whether they use a desktop computer or mobile device.